The Yonderways website and The Acorn Cabin rental are managed by me, Donna, a former web designer, and designer in general (jewelry and interior design by trade). My husband, Keith, is responsible for 85% of the finished property projects (landscaping, critter homes, finishing work, painting, fencing, etc) which he diligently labors in between his day job as a VP of manufacturing.  We have 3 growns and custody of our  5yo granddaughter. In another life we were working expats – living in Puebla, Mexico and Shanghai, China. Family illness brought us home for good. And that’s when the search for our forever home began.

Even as we’ve sashayed into our 60’s – we, and our property – are still very much a work in progress. November of 2018 will mark our 3-year anniversary here and should conclude the completion of renovations (fingers crossed). This website began as an ONLINE JOURNAL OF THE RESTORATION OF THE PROPERTY but I lost the motivation to post as renovations were drawn out due to finances and time management. But despite the exhaustion and financial burdens, never has there been a day that we have regretted our decision. Being the stewards of this property is one of our greatest shared joys. As I wrote in an earlier post, “The heavens didn’t open up, angels didn’t sing, our sanctuary is not shiny and new but a perfect hot mess (emphasis on perfect).”

When you choose to stay at The Acorn this year we will promise you fresh eggs, pristine well water, fresh mountain air, the sound of rushing water on your private deck outside the sleeping quarters, comfortable beds and cozy, clean accommodations. We’re looking forward to making your acquaintance and sharing a part of Yonderways with you.

New July 2018 - Property Supers
After two years of 100% 5-star reviews from our personal vacation rental property, we are offering our services to others. Our clients are second home owners and long distance short term rental owners who expect nothing less than 5-star service and accommodations for themselves and their guests. Learn more about our “super powers” – visit PropertySupers.com – your southern hospitality hosting specialists.


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